company is a spin-off from Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, which is part of University of Helsinki and Aalto University. The technology that powers applications has years of academic research behind it.

Our solutions help you to deliver better events and they help the audience to get more out of your events. In the process you will get more value out of your audience.

With our solutions, events become interactive, engaging, productive and fun. You are in control but your audience gets more power too.

We believe that in the future most events will include interactive parts. This does not mean anarchy where the audience takes control, or the organizer is overwhelmed by complex presentation systems. Just like the Web evolved into Web 2.0, events will evolve. We will be there to connect you with your audience. solutions have been tested in hundreds of sessions ranging from high school classes to large public events. team

We are a small multitalented team with expertise in web technologies, event organization, game development, film production, storytelling, education and economics.

Petri Lievonen, CEO

Petri made his first SMS message wall for Orion Pharma over a decade ago, and has since been an active advocate for more advanced, but still fundamentally simple, human-centric tools. Petri has a M.Sc in Strategy and Venturing from Aalto University, but has also contributed to high-performance realtime graphics (demoscene), grassroots cultural organizing efforts (co-founder of PixelACHE Festival), systems analysis and decision making (as a research assistant in Applied Mathematics), positive organizational psychology (as a collaborator to professor Esa Saarinen), teaching machine learning and cybernetics at Aalto University (as a collaborator to professor Heikki Hyƶtyniemi), developing real-time web technologies and system software (at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, HIIT). He has also traveled widely with the family, and is enjoying every day working for

Tuomo Rissanen, Sales manager

Tuomo Rissanen is his own life Peter Pan. He has spent his whole life around people telling and listening to stories. His educational background is in communications, but all his life he has also done all kinds of jobs. He has sold, taught, performed ... His inner burning to learn and experience something new has pushed him day after day forward. For Tuomo it's important to create a positive community atmosphere!

Max Vilkki

Jukka Reitmaa

Ossi Kuittinen

Kai Kuikkaniemi